Node-based compositing. Plug and play.

Build-a-Layer. Naked light features nodes. Nodes are simple building blocks in a composition—like an image, filter, or set of brush strokes.

Image nodes, and generator nodes like gradients and text, start off a row of nodes. Filters nodes take an input and modify them. You can see how nodes connect by looking at the arrows between them.

At the end of a row of nodes is a blend node. Blend nodes composite the result of one row of nodes with the node below it—most likely another blend node.

Drag-and-drop control. Moving around nodes in Naked light is easy with drag and drop. Drag photos and images from your library, the Finder, or your web browser into a composition to create a new image node.

Quickly drag filters to reorder them or move them from row to row. While you drag, Naked light draws the result in real time.

You can even drag a filter into a row of its own, letting it affect all nodes below it.

Naked light.
Public beta arriving Friday, November 9th, 2007.

– Requires Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.
– NVIDIA or ATI graphics highly recommended.